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Website Calendar

The Website Calendar function allows sites to query the database about the follow-up status of their patients in the Consortium Registry. The query generates a report that covers a 90-day window selected by the site for that particular query, i.e., it lists all patients due for follow-up in the selected month as well as the previous and following months. The report can also be sorted by date, name or ID number.

A color code is used in the report to more easily identify patients’ status.

  • Green – means the information is current and the patient was seen for his/her scheduled 18-month follow-up.
  • Red – means either that the regular 18-month follow-up is due and the patient has not yet been seen, or that the patient was seen but the follow-up hasn’t yet been recorded in the database
  • Black – means the patient is currently inactive and the reason has been entered into the database, e.g., relocation, physician change, MS Center change, death, etc.

Sites can update their information in real time online, allowing them more autonomy in managing their data. And, with data being updated sooner, the entire database becomes more current and reliable.

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