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Procedure for Payment to NYSMSC Sites

Payment for all completed NYSMSC forms will be made by the NYSMSC Administrative Office in Buffalo to the NYSMSC Sites using the following procedure:

  • The data management center will provide monthly reports to the NYSMSC Coordinating Center indicating the total number of forms completed and received from each site within the prior calendar month. The reports will be organized to include total number of Registration forms, total number of ‘in-window’ and out-of-window’ Follow-up forms.

  • The NYSMSC Coordinating Coordinator will tally the figures received from the monthly reports at the end of each calendar quarter (March 31, June 30, September30, December 31). Sites will be paid for the preceding calendar quarter (i.e. January payments will reflect activity for period ending September 30). The number of verified completed forms, which have been received during each quarter, will be paid according to the rates as described in the Policy.

  • Sites will receive payment in the form of a check within 45 days of the end of the quarter.