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Policy for Submission of Completed Data Forms

All completed Registration and Follow-up forms will be submitted to the data management center by the NYSMSC Sites.

Any Site completing Registration and/or Follow-up forms will forward said forms to the assigned person at the data management center. The data management center will process forms and enter data into database in accordance with NYSMSC Policy.

Sites will submit completed forms with a transmittal form (Policies Appendix A). A copy of the transmittal forms will be retained at the submitting site. The data management center will inventory the forms in comparison to the accompanying transmittal form. Transmittal form will be marked as received and accurate or erroneous, as applicable, and transmitted to the submitting site via fax for the sites’ retention.

Data management center will review all data on forms prior to entry into the database. In the event there are errors or unclear data, a “Logic Checks & Missing Data Clarification Form” will be generated by the data management center and forwarded to the site by email or fax. Sites will reply to all data clarification requests by either email or fax. All data clarification documents will be maintained by the data management center; it is suggested that the sites retain all data clarification documentation. However, this may be performed as per Sites’ internal document policies.

Original forms (with data clarification form, if produced) will be stored by the data management center for a maximum for 6 months. Every 6 months the original forms will be moved to the NYSMSC storage system. The NYSMSC Administrative Office in Buffalo will organize the transfer every six months.
Sites will send completed forms to the data management center monthly according to an established schedule.