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Policy for Payment to NYSMSC Sites

Payment for all verified completed NYSMSC forms will be made from the NYSMSC Administrative Office in Buffalo to the NYSMSC Sites.

Any Site completing Registration and/or Follow-up forms will forward said forms to the data management center for processing. The data management center will provide monthly reports to the NYSMSC Coordinating Center indicating the number of Registration and Follow-up verified completed forms from each Site.

Sites will be paid according to the number of forms completed. The NYSMSC Coordinating Center will compute the total number of forms completed quarterly. Payments will be made to Sites quarterly, within 45 days of the end of each quarter.

The payments will be based on the rate of:
  • $30 per verified completed Registrations form. Verified completed forms are those that have no outstanding data clarification forms.
  • $30 per completed ‘in-window*’ Follow-up form

    * Follow-ups should be targeted within a “window”. A website calendar for each membership site is accessible on the www.nysmsc.org website with log-in/password and lists registrants due for follow-up in the +/- 90 day window from the date of initial registration.
No Site-initiated invoices will be honored.