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Data Management Center

The database of collected information is physically housed at the facility of Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDSMR). The company owns and manages its own servers and NYSMSC data is encrypted and stored in a MS SQL Server 2012 Database.

The technology is both efficient and stable, per the industry standard. Back-up schemes to preserve the data, however, are more comprehensive and efficient to ensure no data loss. NYSMSC data is backed up continuously during the day (every four hours) and backed up to tape each night. UDSMR also provides improved disaster recovery in the unlikely circumstance of data loss.


The database has been set up to provide the best available security for Consortium data, and the company verifies all entries according to the parameters provided by NYSMSC. To date, UDSMR has never experienced a security breach and access to the computer room where the servers are located is strictly monitored. Only a limited number of staff are permitted access and the company also uses wireless security management.