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Clinical Status

For a detailed profile of the NYSMSC demographic and clinical characteristics of MS patients included in the NYSMSC database, click here.

At the moment, the distribution of MS patients according to disease type is the following: 60% have RR, 25% SP and 10% the primary-progressive form of the disease. Male to female ratio is 0.35 and 92% of the patients are Caucasian. The mean age is 49 years and the mean disease duration is 12 years. 60% of the RR and 45% of the SP MS patients are being treated with some of the available DMTs. All the NYSMSC patients have definite MS according to the Poser criteria. The mean EDSS score for the RR MS group is 2.6. More than 70% of the RR MS patients have an EDSS score ranging between 1.0 and 4.0. As of today, more than 7600 MS patients have been included in the NYSMSC registry and more than 6000 patients have returned for follow-up visits, with a total of more than 11,000 follow-up visits performed during the 8-year follow-up period.